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You co-exist rather than co-habit, communicating via notes on the fridge or brisk e-mails at work.Instead of sitting down to talk properly, you exchange information as you pass in the hallway – and you certainly can’t remember the last time you had sex.‘Tom and I are rarely alone in the same room together, apart from when we’re in bed, and even then we sleep on our own sides and never touch,’ says Suzi, 44, who has been married for eight years and has two sons, aged seven and ten.Neither of them has truly adapted to life outside No 10.’ However, there are some early-warning signs that you’re not just going through a phase, and all may not be well at a deeper level.

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A key characteristic of de facto divorcés is a lack of sex.

Relationship coach Francine Kaye, who runs uk, says she increasingly encounters couples whose dealings with one another are purely practical rather than emotional.

Suzi and Tom do all the normal things that couples do: they go for meals and to the cinema, they enjoy sailing and socialising with friends at weekends. The pair, who married in 2000, have been leading separate lives for the past four years.

And it seems they’re far from unique, with increasing numbers of married couples finding themselves in a situation where they’re living as if they are divorced – but just haven’t realised it yet.

She is his second wife and they have been married for 11 years.