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That's because, instead of your brain just sitting there atop the entirety of your existence, you need to "flip the switch" controlling your mind from "slightly off" (where it is flickering like a motel sign continuing to dim, with certain letters ultimately failing to "light up") to the completely full ON position ...

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read that as the Communiqus will "come flyin' your way" from time to time with no "set in stone" timetable.

Whenever there is a new Communiqu burst, the "Newest Burst" button at the top of this landing page will be different color and include the number of the newest burst.

Maybe you've already noticed something ain't right. So, you can (or should) see everything is totally screwed up. That's when it will be so easy to clearly see the seemingly "organized chaos" of how we're all "dancing around," in herky-jerky fashion like marionettes, with the marketeers (behind the scenes) tugging on our strings, making us feel involved (maybe even seeming to seem "happy") while getting us to do whatever they want (especially digging into our wallets to extract as much cash as possible). Right now, here, this moment in time, you can read the Communiqus, following along in the "play of words." You can freely share any or all of these Communiqus with anyone and everyone else in whatever manner you choose (so long as you quote me as the source AND are NOT profiting from using my words).

Everything you read will be real and true with me striving, among the collected combinations of words, to produce as many as possible of "that one true sentence" Hemmingway so eloquently and passionately talked about. what you have read up to this point is the exordium, that being the primary purpose of why we're all here and how things work for, you know, finding your way around, "up & down," "round & about," as well as trekking through all of the sludge and baffling absurdity besieging all of us, beyond the far reaches of that upon which you now, hopefully, will be more mindful ... WTF LMAO :) Those cryptic characters above illustrate what our language has decayed into.

I'm encouraging people to share my Communiqus on any social media platform, in emails, and even texting. So, in effect, Im using what I see to be a mammoth problem to "tell the story," not only about our all-encompassing predicament, but how we can all start to "dig out" from this Alice in Wonderland, non-reality hole (that seems like, or actually has become, our reality) we're all spinning, twirling, whirling, thrashing, and gyrating around in. Look closer, much closer at what you think you see.