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The Punisher star slept on park benches in between street performances, and he... Arquette cited "irreconcilable differences" when she filed for...

THE PUNISHER star THOMAS JANE is desperate to return to the Bollywood movie industry in India - because he had a great time filming PADAMATI SANDHYA RAGAM there at the start of his career. Actor THOMAS JANE has left question marks hanging over the full extent of his reconciliation with wife PATRICIA ARQUETTE after appearing on U. PATRICIA ARQUETTE has officially reconciled with her actor husband THOMAS JANE, six months after filing for divorce.

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He is known for appearing in such films as Boogie Nights (1997), The Thin Red Line (1998), Deep Blue Sea (1999), The Punisher (2004), The Mist (2007), 1922 (2017) and the upcoming The Predator (2018).

Jane's television roles include Mickey Mantle in the television film 61* (2001) and starring in the HBO series Hung (2009–2011) and the Syfy series The Expanse (2015–2017).

He, afterwards, was recruited by director-producer Renny Harlin to star as the shark wrangler Carter Blake in "Deep Blue Sea" (1999), and to play the title role in "The Punisher" (2004).

"The Mist", "Mutant Chronicles", "Drive Hard", "Grizzly", and "Vice" were among the additional features that Thomas added into his resume.

PATRICIA ARQUETTE and husband THOMAS JANE have separated for the second time in as many years.