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This affects the volume and coherence of perceived sound, which may fluctuate from moment to moment.[16] The plaintiffs initially claimed the cost of cochlear implants, with lifelong hearing aids in the alternative.

In argument on the trust issues the teams were supplemented by Ms Pillay for the plaintiffs and by Mr Budlender SC for the defendant.

The Centre for Child Law (‘CCL’), which was admitted as an amicus curiae in respect of the trust issues, was represented during argument by Mr Dutton leading Ms Campbell.

He has a manual wheelchair which in the home is used as a chair rather than for mobility. The level of IDT’s gross motor function influences the quantification of damages in two opposing ways.

There is an international standard called the Gross Motor Function Classification System (‘GMFCS’) for classifying the gross motor function of CP children.[2] It comprises five levels (I-V), Level V being the most severe impairment. The more severe the impairment, the greater might be the need and cost of interventions.

Many items remain fully in dispute.[8] Athetoid CP is far less common than spastic CP.