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The other day I went into the Banana Republic store on the Upper West Side because I saw a sign on the window advertising linen shirts. The price on the shirts, however, turned out to be too high for an impulse buy. Imagine my surprise when a few days later I visited the Banana Republic website and almost simultaneously received an email from the company with a special offer of 20 percent off the very shirts I had checked out a few days before.

OK, so I never got that email, and it would surprise me if the retail chain had any idea that I stopped in that night.

The company claims that it can identify a person from a photo 70 percent of the time, a rate of success effectively verified by a Russian artist who tested it out by taking photos of whomever happened to be sitting across from him on the subway.

Right now, the site only uses the database of Russian social network, VK, to find faces and profiles to match with, so if you aren’t on there, Find Face can’t find you yet.

Sub-famous porn stars are typically the photos used from the female side of of things.” Which brings us to the darker application of Find Face’s technology.