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The book, published as the posthumous work of Russell, was a compilation of his commentaries on the Bible books of Ezekiel and Revelation, plus numerous additions by Bible Students Clayton Woodworth and George Fisher.As a result, Watch Tower Society directors were jailed for sedition under the Espionage Act in 1918 and members were subjected to mob violence; the directors were released in March 1919 and charges against them were dropped in 1920.The Watch Tower Society has made various unfulfilled predictions about major biblical events such as Christ's Second Coming, the advent of God's Kingdom, and Armageddon.

It is clear that Jehovah’s Witnesses did not report child sexual abuse to the authorities because they were more interested in protecting their “godly” image rather than protecting their children from sexual predators.

Of course the "Two Witness Rule" plus the right to confront the sexually abused child added major difficulties not the least of which was treating the abuse as a sin and not a crime.

Consequently, some Jehovah's Witnesses have been persecuted and their activities are banned or restricted in some countries.

Persistent legal challenges by Jehovah's Witnesses have influenced legislation related to civil rights in several countries.

Thirty congregations were founded, and during 18, Russell visited each to provide the format he recommended for conducting meetings.