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The initial money raised to found the company, ,000 dollars in bootstrapped cash, came from selling bead and shell belts out of Woodman’s VW van.

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To start a business and bring it to a successful fruition takes a sound mix of confidence, risk tolerance, self-discipline, determination and competitiveness.

By taking an idea – and using talent and professionalism – to build a worthwhile business, without backing from investors or having little or no starting capital, takes great dedication, sound work ethics and pure single-mindedness to achieve this.

It usually refers to the starting of a self-sustaining process that is supposed to proceed without external input.

In other words, bootstrapping is a process whereby an entrepreneur starts a self-sustaining business, markets it, and grows the business by using limited resources or money – this is accomplished without the use of venture capital firms or even significant angel investment. (CSCO), SAP (SAP) and Business Objects, to name a few, had their humble beginnings as a bootstrapped enterprise.

This perfect creation for developers which functions as a social network, portfolio space and co-working platform took off, and by 2013 Git Hub had hit the 4 million user mark.