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It is available for all i OS and Android devices and has a basic web version., University of Arizona Public Outreach at the Pickett State Park Archaeology Museum and ETSU Archaeological Research Station Lauren Woelkers, East Tennessee State University, Jay D.The Preliminary Academic Program as it is presented here is tentative and subject to change within the Final Program.

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These individuals are operating without the consent of either Society and are fraudulently representing themselves as AIA/SCS, the conference hotel, or a housing service hired to process reservations for the joint annual meeting.

They are not authorized in any way by the Societies to handle annual meeting hotel reservations and have no special access to our discounted group block.

" Be direct, and you won't come across like you're firing off accusations.

You gotta suss them out - you may find something interesting.

Franklin, East Tennessee State University, and Travis Bow, Tennessee State Parks, Pickett CCC Memorial State Park Paleolithic Research in Anatolia.