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In the wake of these tragedies, as if it has become a new custom, many immediately took to social media to instrumentalize the tragedy, using it to justify their political agenda, while bypassing any kind of human consideration in the process.Indeed, in these dark times punctuated with senseless mass shootings, the human cost of the tragedies is almost completely overlooked.features the hero killing an entire congregation inside a Baptist-style church in the Southern U. Armed with a Ruger AR-556 rifle and two handguns, Kelley fired into the crowd, killing 26 people, including several children.

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However, one cannot really blame regular people for not caring enough.

If we were to become depressed for days everytime a shooting happens, we could not even function.

Mass shootings are now “political checkpoints”, convenient arguments to bring up during political debates.

Even worse, the saying “thoughts and prayers” has become an ironic meme, a comment on how blasé and powerless society has become faced in the face of intolerable horror.

The fact is, when a source of pain is reoccurring, the human body naturally responds by numbing the source of pain in order to be able to preserve its health. We are being made numb to the killing of innocent people, numb to the pain and suffering of other humans.