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They do have hourly rates and public area access rates but I thought the 5 night wifi rate is the best deal.

They also have a 7 night access rate but I can't remember what that was. It was $13/day and was supposed to work in the room but our service in the room was spotty at best.

Some of the restaurants were not as good so we ended up going to the buffet after our reservation anyways. We walked down past the other resorts and many of the other places did not keep their beaches up like Iberostar. In comparison to the other resorts we saw, Iberostar was truly on another level of service and quality of stay.

I came here with my sister for 6 days in December 2017.

Kick off those flip flops - dig into the white sand and crystal clear delicious water of Playa Bavaro. There's another sport you mustn't miss: the onsite shopping. We loved that there always seemed to be entertainment. I know on the website it says to reserve a chair early but we never had to worry about not having a place to sit/lay.